Turning MVPs into Market-Ready Software.

Talent Sourcing

SmartStart will find you the best Software Engineers and Developers for your web and mobile app project.

Prototyping & MVP

Rapid Prototyping services to quickly turn ideas into user-tested prototypes eventually converting them to an MVP.

Software Development

Software Development covers the entire lifecycle from design and development to deployment and maintenance.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Call Agents enhance customer service by handling calls with the efficiency and understanding of a real person.

Web Development

Web development involves designing, creating, and maintaining functional and visually appealing websites and applications.

Shopping Cart

SmartStart's Shopping Cart and Online Ecommerce Services offer a seamless and efficient online selling experience for businesses of all sizes.

Our Services

Startups With Compelling MVPs Are More Likely To Succeed And Secure Funding.

Smart Solutions, Smarter Software.

Frequently Asked Questions

We serve a wide range of industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, education, and more. Our versatile team can adapt to the unique requirements of various sectors to deliver customized software solutions.

Who is behind SmartStart?

SmartStart was founded by John Gaylord and his wife, Gwen. Gwen was the first investor at SmartStart in 2003 and owns 51% of the company. John is committed to growing the business and creating more leads to expand our impact in the software development industry.

What services does SmartStart offer?

We specialize in transforming MVPs into fully functional software products. Our services include software development, project management, code optimization, scalability enhancement, and more. We cater to businesses looking to rapidly develop and deploy software solutions.

How long has SmartStart been in business?

SmartStart has been operational since 2003. With over two decades of experience, we have honed our skills and processes to deliver exceptional software solutions efficiently.

Discovery Phase

During the design or discovery phase, we work closely with you to hone your goals and ideas, addressing challenges and crafting tailored solutions that lay a solid foundation for the project.

Leveraging our expertise alongside your insights, we strive for a successful development journey. We will provide two mockups to gather your feedback, enabling us to fine-tune our approach before progressing further.


Mockup Demo

Step Two initiates once you approve the prototype, confirming it meets your expectations and sets a solid foundation for progression.

With your approval, we advance to developing the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), focusing on crafting a functional software version with all essential features, preparing for future enhancements.



In the coding and development phase, our skilled developers transform your concepts into tangible software solutions. We meticulously craft and refine the code, covering everything from front-end design to back-end functionality.

Clear communication and your feedback are prioritized to ensure your vision is realized and expectations are exceeded.


Product Launch

This is the moment where our carefully crafted code springs to life, transitioning from development to fully functional application. 

With meticulous care, we ensure every component integrates seamlessly, configuring servers and databases for peak performance. From setup to launch, we leave no detail overlooked, ready to unleash your software's potential on the world.


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